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Varietal Wines


Tasting Notes Appearance: Bright, deep red color. Nose: Intense nose of plum, hazelnut and cacao. In mouth: Medium bodied, with velvety evolution; chocolate aromas in finish. Pairing recommendation: Stewed chicken.


Tasting Notes Appearance: Straw color with gold highlights. Nose: Intense nose of pear, pineapple and acacia flowers. In mouth: Mouth entry fresh; medium bodied, with outstanding notes of exotic fruit in the finish. Pairing recommendation: Chicken, turkey.

Reserve Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasting Notes Appearance: Intense ruby red color. Nose: Intense nose of ripe strawberry, anis, liquor ice and caramel. In mouth: Fresh and round on the palate with firm tannins that combine well with the toasty finish. Pairing recommendation: Roasted short ribs with aromatic spices.

Gran Reserve Wines

Carmenere/Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasting Notes Appearance: Deep ruby red color, red highlights. Nose: Intense nose with blackberries, forest oak, liquor ice, vanilla and plum. In mouth: Concentrated and pleasant mouth with a great evolution followed by hints of very ripe strawberries. With well-blended tannins in the finish. Very well balanced. Pairing recommendation: Chicken peperonata with sautéed vegetables.